Travel Bloggers set to flock in Athens


The TBEX Europe, the international meeting of tourist media authors and travel bloggers, is all set to take place in Athens in Greece from 23rd October and would go on till 25th October. The program would see hundreds and hundreds of participants from around fifty nations gather at the Greek capital.

Athens would welcome people from all over the world to this tourist event along with a series of creative hospitality exercises, activities and events. In collaboration along with Athens Traders Association, lays in Pandrosou Street in Monastiraki, Athens would arrange the concluding ceremony of the event on 25th October, Saturday.

Pandrosou Street, which is one of the greatest commercial streets in Athens, featuring upwards of hundred and ten stores  is itself a journey via history and time. The TBEX Europe organizers, in association with cultural and municipal bodies, would offer an interactive and artistic tour of the street.

Through tastings of traditional Greek products, outdoor workshops, music and dance and interactive games events, participants would relish the best of the Athenian hospitality and tourist industry of the city. The local bodies and shop owners would offer participants the unique scope to find out an alternative as well as authentic side of day to day life in the center of Athens. The organization of the event was undertaken by Athens Municipality as well as Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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