Athens Art Gallery showcases works of a young artist


Stefan Levesque grew up admiring the artwork of her mother, captivated by every one of them. Now, as the youngest artist to have work showcased in an individualized exhibition at Athens Art Gallery, he expects to enliven those same responses in the people who look at his very own photography.

Levesque, who is now studying at the Crawfordsville High School, told that he got his first digital camera at the age of nine and he readily fell in love of the gadget. That camera never left his hands. Even if there was an everyday subject in front of him, there would be a picture to document it.

When Stefan bought a DSLR camera, he started to really perfect the nuances of his photography skills like contrast, light balance, subject matter as well as viewpoint. He added that this just furthered his addiction to photography and let him to look at his work both critically and analytically.

Some of Stefan’s art is presently being boasted in the alcove exhibition of Athens Art Gallery, a scope that is certainly the result of his talent but also years of tough work. He started volunteering at the gallery, serving with hanging shows, helping arrange events as well as cleaning around the gallery. At last, Stefan decided to become a student member of Athens Art Gallery, and last year, he started seeing some of his pieces on display.

He told that a few months back, the director came up to him and asked whether he would like to a featured artist in the gallery, when he was in Alimos trying to Rent a yacht in Greece. He is, as of now, the youngest person to have work displayed in an individualized show at Athens Art Gallery. The gallery staff has been very supportive.

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