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Bloomberg report predicts record number of tourists


A recent Bloomberg article stated that this year, a record number of tourists would visit Greece and revenues reaching thirteen billion euros. According to Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises president Andreas Andreadis forecasts show that 2014 would be another record year.

Almost every traditional as well as new markets are showing encouraging and positive signs. More than that, the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises estimate shows that by the year 2021, almost 1 million people would work in the tourism industry. Andreakis told that the political stability within Greece as well as the achievement of other national goals, would ensure that Greece would achieve and surpass their goals by 2021.

The Bloomberg news also stated that pre-booking data reveal that Greece can anticipate more travelers from France and Germany this year and a ten percent increase in visitors from the United Kingdom. More Germans travel Greece compared to other nationalities followed by United Kingdom, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France and Russia.

As per World Travel and Tourism Council report, tourism constituted 16.4 percent of Greece’s gross domestic product in the year 2012. According to reports, Greece Prime Minister Antonis Samaras have identified the country’s travel industry market as the first locomotive which started to pull the country’s economy out of a painful 6 year recession.

If this European nation manages to hit an aim of twenty four million visitors by the year 2021 it would add nine percentage points to their GDP while creating 300000 jobs spots.

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Greece all set to welcome tourists


Greece authorities in the United States urge Americans to travel to this European nation in the forthcoming summer. The country which gave birth to the rudimentary principles underlying the creation of the United States, offers itself at the travel fair arranged by one of the biggest newspapers in the world  i.e. The New York Times.

Dionysis Savvopoulos, a well known Greek singer, told that Greece that resists, Greece that insists. A company named Terra Communications has been highly involved in promoting Greece across the world and they are now taking care of all the arrangements in the countrys participation in New York Times Travel Show exhibit, which is all set to take place in New York from 28th February, Friday, till 2nd March, 2014, Sunday.

Greece would be in an important spot in a special booth of thirty six square meters. 26 years following the memorable EOT event created by well known Greek American advertiser named George Lois – Im going home to Greece – the nation is again actively traveled by international travelers. Now, Americans would be asked to visit their home, Greece, where it all started.

New York Times Travel Show exhibit has been held for eleven years in New York and this is largest in the United States Participation. This would open a new door to a very huge market, which it is expected to encourage Americans to trust Greece as a favorite holiday place. Top representatives of this international industry would be at the exhibit, expecting for the next big thing in the tourism industry.

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Singapore Airlines comes back to Athens


Singapore Airlines is all set to return to the Athens on a temporary basis starting from June and they would stay there October 2014 to meet the current demand in the peak travel season. Airplanes would be operated two times in a week – Mondays and Thursdays; between 9th June, 2014 to 9th October, 2014.

Singapore Athens planes would operate as SQ382, leave Athens at 0205 hrs and would arrive at 0830 hrs. The Athens Singapore return planes would operate as SQ381, leaving at 1300 hrs and would arrive at 0455 hrs the following day.

Singapore Airlines debarred year round pane services to Greece capital in 2012’s October after what it keyed out as a prolonged time of challenging operating conditions.

United States hotel giant Marriott International I all set to pull out of Athens following a thirty year run. A representative for the hotel stated that they had a thirty year deal that runs out on 31st December. Following discussions, both parties agreed not to renew the contract.

In its website, Athens Ledra Marriott stated: “Please be advised that as of December 31, 2013 the hotel will no longer operate as a Marriott.”

The luxury hotel is located the central Syngrou, near the city center of the Greek capital. Slogging through a 6th straight year of recess and with very little progress in turning off red tape, Greece has labored to draw in investors. Recently, banks Credit Agricole and Societe Generale untangled themselves from businesses in Greece.